July 30, 2008

Melanie and Matt are engaged!!!

Congratulations to Melanie and Matt! We spent the afternoon at Denver's City Park - we were serenaded with jazz music and got to spend some time with a little nature in the city.
I then took them  Downtown to a spot I had picked out. Turns out- I took them to the spot where they first met! (We made sure to include the street signs in a couple of pictures)
We had a great time - they are a great couple and I can't wait to photograph their wedding next May!!

July 20, 2008

Is this what 30 looks like???

So- it is finally here- my 30th birthday. I am not upset or anxious about it- I am embracing it with a smile and silly headwear! We celebrated with dinner and dancing and a motivation to make my 30's the best years of my life so far!!!!

Degen Wedding in Breckenridge 7/18/08

My associate Kendra and I had a very busy weekend. Not only was it my 30th birthday, but also we had the opportunity to shoot back to back weddings  (about 8 hours and 100 miles apart from each other- what a fun challenge it was) 

The first of the weekend was Tammy, Jason and their baby daughter Hayden! They were married at Ten Mile Station in Breckenridge -  located on the ski slope of Peak 9 itself - what an amazing view. They are a great couple who live in Alaska - they were here celebrating with family, friends and Hayden (who adorably invited everyone to the marriage of her parents - see program below.) 
 It was great to share in their wonderful day complete with rain, wind and the bright mountain sun that came out just as the ceremony was about to start- perfect timing! Thanks Jason & Tammy- it was a memorable day- we wish you much love and happiness!

Moms are always there to lend a hand

So are bridesmaids...

They met before the ceremony- just as it was about to rain
Hayden sharing a private moment with Mom and Dad

What a beautiful bride

Some last bits of wisdom for the groom

The guys "skiing" down the slope...

My favorite moment- right before the first kiss

All of the guests- what an amazing day!

July 18, 2008

My new toy!!

While I love my Nikon SLR - I can't (or maybe shouldn't) bring it everywhere. For my 30th birthday Dave gifted me this beautiful new point & shoot the Canon Power Shot 870 IS - if you can even call it a point and shoot. It is a really amazing camera- with image stabilization and the best wide angle lens out there. I have had a good time playing with it - I have posted a couple of pics below of my cat Jakk and his obsession with my computer (he comes by it naturally :-) It takes amazing low light/no flash pictures and you can see how much fits in its great little lens! Thanks Dave!!!

July 13, 2008

New Logo!!!

I finally have a new logo! I have ordered new business cards - I can't wait to see them- (see design below)