December 27, 2008

Amy & Marvin's Wedding

Dave's sister Amy and her fiancee Marvin had originally planned their wedding for May 2009 but due to scheduling conflicts and an out of state move they ended up planning about three weddings total! The actual wedding was November 24th and it was beautiful - they decided to have it over Thanksgiving in Amy's home town of Dickinson, North Dakota. I was so honored they asked me to photograph it! Congratulations and I can't wait to officially be a part of the family myself!!!

Amy wore a vintage, knee length, navy blue dress with this lovely jacket - She has great fashion sense! It was such a unique and special dress.

Amy and Marvin decided to meet before the wedding - this gave us an opportunity to get some pre-wedding portraits of the two of them. The bride's father Max is the president of the Dickinson Library Board so we were able to make the most of this unique location's classic architecture and fun scholarly vibe...

We then headed over to the railroad tracks where Amy & Marvin got to hold each other close in the cold for the last few minutes before heading to the ceremony

Amy wiping a tear with her Grandmother's handkerchief

Amy (a Fiber Artist and teacher) and Marvin made this garland out of different fabrics - it certainly added a personal touch and looked beautiful in the space

Amy and her brother Dave (my Dave :-) dancing it up!!!

Amy and Joyce had a special mother daughter dance toward the end of the evening

The newlyweds rocking it out!