March 5, 2009

Baby Colton is almost here!!!

More of my fabulous friends are having babies! It is so great that I get to photograph this special time in their life (and that they let me come in and take over their house :-) This is Chris and Candy - we will soon get to meet little Colton - who I'm sure will be part baseball player, part basketball player and completely adorable!

This is an outfit that Chris' mother saved from when he was a baby

A handmade blanket from Candy's mom

Their dog Bailey

Bailey was stealing the spotlight

Puppy dog eyes

Family picture!

Chris is kind of like a big kid - he is going to be such a good Dad

(click to enlarge)

She is definitely "glowing"

Can you guess what his nickname will be?

Handmade blocks

Two more beautiful handmade gifts

(click to enlarge)

They have a little disagreement on who has the best hockey team...


KK said...

My Darlings, Love your photos. Your baby is so lucky to have you as parents. Bailey Girl will enjoy helping you care for "45". Beautiful - well done-- xoxoxmommy

readymscs said...

Hi Katie,
Love the pics. You are so creative!!! Love, Mom