March 26, 2009

The Poladroid Project -Shake it!

I recently discovered this fun, free download while doing some wedding research. This is the "PolaDroid" a software that takes your images and "processes" them to look like the polaroid images we all remember and love!!! This is so much fun and can be downloaded free at their website

The images here are from our own engagement pictures - caution - this is addicting!

It is quirky - just like the original- you have to wait a while for the image to "develop" - but if you shake it side to side it speeds up the process! You can only make 10 per session - just like the 10 pack cartridges.

It works on mac or a pc but was developed originally for mac... I love that

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Christie said...

That is so cool! Thanks for sharing- I've wanted to do that a million times.