May 28, 2009

Lisa and Bo tied the knot!!!

My friends Lisa and Bo were one of the last couples to get married at the lovely Belmar Center in Lakewood, CO. What a shame the place is closing because it is truly an amazing venue to get married in! Bo and Lisa had beautiful ceremony on the deck - it included very heartfelt sentiments from the bride and groom to their parents... the tears were definitely flowing! We had a great time and I was so honored to be a part of the fabulous wedding!!!

Some pre-wedding "preparations"

The couple met before the ceremony - I love the look on Bo's face when he sees her!

Kendra photographed this groomsman carefully opening a bottle for a champagne toast

So there was a ton of vertical action going on at this reception - click on the picture to check out the amazing moves!

Congratulations you two!!!

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