July 11, 2009

We got married!!! (Post Two - Ceremony and portraits)

Here are some of my favorite images from our professional photographer Charlotte Geary http://www.charlottegeary.com/ We love our pictures and I am so thrilled to share them with you! I knew I wanted to have Charlotte shoot our wedding after seeing Barry and Chrissy's wedding pictures that she did. I love her shooting style and her and her team were so fun! I have had a ton of people ask me how does a photographer choose someone to shoot their own wedding? For me it was an easy choice and as you can see - we have so many wonderful pictures!
(All images copyright Charlotte Geary Photography)

I am so happy with the way this worked out - I always like to do a group picture for my clients and I can't imagine not having a group picture of my own!

I absolutely loved my veil - I am so glad I decided to go with a super long one - it was great to play with in pictures and added some extra "drama"

This was the parasol that my parents brought from Thailand just for me! I love that it is a different color then all of the others I bought for the guests - it was really special!

I think this may be my favortite of us - don't we look happy???

More fun with the veil!

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