We got married!!! (Post One - Our Photo Booth)

After photographing other people's weddings - I finally went through the whole process myself! Dave and I made it official June 20th and while I wait for our amazing professional pictures to arrive - I thought I would post some of my favorites from our "Portrait Studio" we set up. With the help of fabulous photographer Clinton Sander we set this up to capture our guests playing dress-up and hamming it up for the camera. Since we are some of the last of our friends getting married we thought it would be fun to have wedding themed props. We also had a white board so people could write us messages- we definitely got some fun messages. We had so many fun images - this was absolutely one of our favorite parts of the evening!!!

Us newlyweds!

My new in-laws- they are awesome! I love the expression on Max's face!

Me and my maid of honor

Fun picture with me and my bridesmaids

and another one

Bo & Lisa- I shot their wedding in May - so the sign fits!!!

Amy and Marvin - I shot their wedding in November- guess the honeymoon is over (lol) !!!

Our unmarried friends were very glad we didn't toss the bouquet and garter :-)

Too Cute!!!!

We accept with pleasure!!!!

Flexible Jodi...
Dave and his parents- love this picture

My parents are so adorable

Can't help but smile with a boa wrapped around you

Our eternal bachelor and our newly engaged friends

Our professional team from Charlotte Geary Photography getting in front of the lens

Clinton proposing to my niece

Dave getting some vertical air guitar


Coming after my man already!


readymscs said…
These pictures are so much fun!!! I'm glad you thought of it. These memories will last a lifetime!!!