Denver Band- Guitar Villains

So this is the Guitar Villains - a local Denver Band that is not like your usual group of talented musicians and vocalists. They call themselves a Karaoke Band- like normal karaoke - where you sing with a music track. However a night with Guitar Villains is very different- the audience participants get on stage and sing with a very live, very cool band and compete to be the evenings' best singer. How many people actually get to live their fantasy of being up there, in the lights belting out their favorite cover song?
The band asked me to photograph their finals - where they invited past winners to sing in an all-out battle for vocal supremacy... or something like that. Here are my favorites from the night. They truly rocked out and with their main singer Victoria - they provide a full concert-like experience but with the element of karaoke - how fun!

We started with some group shots of the band

They were playing at local legend Herman's Hideaway

Rocking out!

At the beginning of the second set - they lit candles and played a soft song

A DJ from local radio announcing the winner of the night


Vicki said…
Thanks beautiful Birdie, these are AMAZING. You are so incredible and I totally owe you!!! ♥