Lisa and Bill - Happily married in Cabot, AR!

I am so honored when the I get to photograph the people I love! This wedding was especially close to my heart because this is my brother Bill and his new wife Lisa. I am so happy that they found each other and are starting this new life together. Congratulations!!!

Apparently this bench was made from an old church pew - so stunning

Lisa and Bill's mothers checking in on the Bride

The getting ready room was a playroom - I love this!

My new Sister-In-Law - she made such a beautiful bride!
The bridesmaids were glowing in these fabulous colors

Lisa's father (also named Bill) walked her down the aisle

Right after the first kiss - a fun moment!

The happy family

A very special toast from Bill's good friend and former Commander in Iraq

These candles were hung on a tree in the center of the reception- beautiful!

Too cute!

I rode with them in the "getaway truck" to get some outdoor portraits in the Arkansas heat

This is the dock where Bill proposed to Lisa - I am so glad we went there.
How special it was to get pictures here!

I love how her veil is blowing in this one


readymscs said…
What a great way to remember Bill & Lisa's wedding!! Thank you so much for doing this for us!