October 28, 2009

Fall kids portraits - Kayden + Espen

I love Fall in Colorado - it may be fleeting - but it is beautiful! Combine that with adorable kids, fallen leaves and great light and you have the makings of some very cute pictures.

They are so sweet with each other!
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Throwing leaves - I highly recommend it!

More leaves!!!

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October 20, 2009

Anderson Family - Fall Portraits!

I met the Andersons last week for some fall family pictures. We made use of their beautiful natural surroundings and then headed inside for some fun portraits. The kids really enjoyed making a "fort" in the living room - that is always a great way to get kids happy!!!

Their backyard leads out to this open space- what a great place for pictures!

He was showing me his muscles - what a cutie!

Blowing kisses with Mom!

Their fort... you can see Tyler peaking out underneath

More fort action

October 17, 2009

Fall kids portraits - Brynn!!

This is my little friend Brynn again - we spent some fun fall time outside last week. Such a cutie! She is now walking all over the place so she is a ton of fun to photograph. She was determined to carry this little pumpkin around - just her size. We also had a good time playing in the leaves- it was a great day here in Colorado and we made the most of it!