Family + Maternity Portraits - Brian, Marcy, Finn and Max (coming in October :-)

I spent the afternoon with one of my favorite families. I met Marcy and Brian when they were expecting Finn - who is almost two! You can see some of their other pictures here
I am so excited to meet the new addition - Mr. Max - should be soon...

(Click to enlarge)

Finn from 2007 and Max

We went out to try to feed the ducks- but they were not hungry

Love the back of his shirt- very accurate - Finn is non-stop action!

We spent a bit of time in Finn's room - decked out in cowboy gear!

(click to enlarge) Finn had a great time reading to his mom

This tunnel was a big hit- I will have to remember that when I have my own toddler :-)

He is busy working in his "office"

Checking out his little brother...


readymscs said…
Awesome pictures -- cute family!!!