Denver Baby Photography: Brennan at 3 Months!

Three months can go by really fast - especially when you are new parents. Melissa and Jake seem to have settled in beautifully with little Brennan. He is such a happy little guy and I think it really shows. I can't wait to keep photographing their family as he grows!
This first picture is one we are going to repeat each time we get together (see here and here) I am looking forward to seeing how Brennan will change in each one.
I love how thrilled their dog, Norm, was to have Brennan laying on him - it's hard to share the spotlight!

They play this little game with his hands to help get him happy - he sure was smiley!
What amazing eyes!

Kisses from mom
Baby drool is the cutest drool ever!
Starting with a smile... ending in a laugh

Again with those amazing eyes!

As we were wrapping up - the little man fell asleep. So freakin' adorable