Baby Photography | Elizabeth and family!

This little angel just happens to be my niece - and I was lucky enough to travel to see her recently. I had a great time visiting with my brother, sister-in-law and my 9 year old niece Morgan. My parents were there as well so we had some good quality family time (and time with their two adorable dogs Maggie and Sao) These are the times when I really love what I do - when I get to just hang out with this little baby, hold her, play with her and occasionally take some pictures. I got to see my brother as a new father again, and Morgan as a great big sister. Lisa is such a natural mother and so wonderful with Elizabeth and my parents are so proud of their new granddaughter. I can't wait to see how Elizabeth changes and grows and glad that our family has been blessed with this new addition!

Maggie is still a puppy so she wants to be involved in everything... I love how she cuddled with Bill's military boots!
Sao is very protective of the baby... he has his eyes on me
Elizabeth was dedicated in church while I was there- these are some details from the day
Babies and puppies...awwww


Emily P said…
OHHHHHH!!! I Love these! So sweet! You did SUCH a great job of capturing the family! They are not just pictures.... more like Art! I would love to have the shots at the first of the spread to post on my bow site ;-)! So glad to have the Weithmans as part of our family.....
Unknown said…
The pictures are FABULOUS!! I love the ones of Elizabeth awake in the bucket.. I can't wait to see them next month in Gaitlinburg!!You did an amazing job!
Gerry Kelley Pascale said…
What great, great pictures!! The first one is just precious and I love the black & white one of her in the bucket. What an advantage to have a photographer in the family.
Sandi Graves said…
Lisa, Bill & Family:
Cute, cute pics. You can certainly tell the love in this family.
All the pics are just great. Thanks for sharing.