Denver Maternity Photography | Jennifer + Drew!

What an amazing family! I say family because they already have two kids - Riefen their super laid back dog and a rowdy new kitten that has yet to be officially named but that I wanted to take home with me :-) Jennifer is one of the most stunning moms-to-be I have ever met and Drew is so sweet and really knows how to make her smile - great combination! They are not revealing the name for their baby girl - but it's adorable and my lips are sealed...
Congratulations you two - I can't wait to meet the newest member of your family!

Riefen is not really a lap dog but he is in this shot!

Drew is a basketball coach so I am sure the baby will be born with lots of team spirit!

Some adorable gifts for the new baby- the one on the right is a handmade christening outfit given to them 5 years ago as a wedding present!


gabdella said…
I love these pictures! Awesome!
Anonymous said…
adorable. what a sweet family. jen, you look amazing :)
Thanks very much for such a good photos!