January 26, 2011

Denver Family Photography | Tracee, Ken and family!

This is Ken + Tracee and their adorable dogs Jaegar and Tia! These dogs were really great at posing - this is not always the case - so I was able to get some really cute portraits of them! The humans were pretty cooperative too :-) I am a cat person but the more time I spend with dogs makes me a bit sad that my husband is allergic. At least I have great friends and clients with dogs so I can get my puppy fix!

January 14, 2011

Denver Baby Photography | Kaylee and Ashlynn are One!

I can't believe these little cuties are already one years old! I photographed these twins when they were really tiny (see the post here) and now they are walking around and so much fun. They had a great time playing with balloons, having a tea party and just being super cute. They are always on the move and so energetic -  which makes for great candid shots - and a great workout for me!

This was their response when we started singing Happy Birthday to them - adorable!

January 5, 2011

Denver Newborn Photography | Baby Carsyn is here!

This little angel is about two weeks old and she is already melting hearts! She gets kisses from her big brother Colton, hugs from Grandma and lots of love from mom and dad. Congratulations Chris and Candy - she is adorable!