February 26, 2011

Denver Wedding Photography | Jen + Sean's wedding featured on Colorado Wedding Style!

So - Jen + Sean's wedding has been featured on another Colorado Wedding blog! This time it's Colorado Wedding Style. They have a great blog with lots of amazing Colorado Weddings and planning ideas. Thanks again to the fantastic couple and to Colorado Wedding Style!

February 25, 2011

Fine Art Friday | Landscape from One Spot

Ahhh- Landscapes. I have a love/hate relationship with you... There are so many people out there who are fantastic at photographing the natural world. They spend days stalking the perfect location, hours waiting for amazing light and then, they may be rewarded with that one magical shot.

I do not have the patience for all that.

I love people. Even when I was given a landscape project in school - I always found a way to get a human being in the shot. People are always changing and moving  - that is why I usually find portraits much more rewarding.

So with that being said - I decided this Fine Art Friday- I would dedicate to the fine tradition of Landscape photography. Of course - I did not stalk this location for days- just pulled off the highway yesterday after a portrait shoot to find a great view of the mountains and fantastic clouds. I did have to take a little hike and deal with some squeaky prairie dogs - but this area had the best view. I wanted to see the sky and the ground- in all their glory - without moving from where I was standing. I also wanted to show that beauty can be found just about anywhere in this amazing state!

Let me know what you think?

(these are also available as a desktop wallpaper- the black and white ones look great on a wide screen :-)

Different vantage points from the same spot

February 23, 2011

Colorado Engagement Photography | Suzie + TJ's Engagement Session Published On-line!

So if you haven't already heard of Mile High Bride - check it out. It's a blog dedicated to all things wedding and Colorado - love! Today they published an engagement session I submitted- double love! This is from Suzie + TJ's engagement session last year - when it was warm and before Suzie and TJ became husband and wife!
Thanks Mile High Bride and to Suzie and TJ for making this session so fun!

February 18, 2011

Fine Art Friday | Valentines Tulips!

Here is the first installment in my new blog series Fine Art Friday. As a photographer - I am always looking for ways to keep myself challenged and my work fresh. In art school - we were assigned projects by our professors. This was a way to challenge our creativity and skill. Especially since we all have a different opinion about what Art is. We would then share our work with each other in class and critique each others' work. This is one of the best ways to grow as an artist and I feel that I am missing that since I have left school.

With Fine Art Fridays I will be assigning myself mini-projects where I will strive to create something beautiful or something that will make you think. I may also post other people's work that I consider amazing or biographies of artists I admire.

I want to create work that is beautiful and timeless; abstract or truthful; conceptual or realistic. Many of these words are used to describe the idea behind an image. Art should make you think or at least be beautiful to look at. It may even be inspiring. It is the Idea behind the image that I want to focus on.

Any image I post here (if it is my own) will be available for free to download as a computer desktop wallpaper. Just email me at katie@kathleenrosephotography.com if you would like an image for your desktop. (The ones here on the blog are not sized properly for your desktop - I will send you one that is sized for your screen)

Valentine Tulips

I thought that my first post would be an homage to the ever enduring tradition in the art world of the Still Life. These are tulips that my husband gave me on Valentine's day. Aren't they beautiful? He did a great job and even though I love roses (of course!) I was really impressed with these violets. They make for a great still life with all of the texture and color. Red is a very difficult color to photograph in digital photography so it was a bit tricky - but I think they turned out really pretty.

What do you think?

February 14, 2011

Katie in the Kitchen | Valentine's Day red velvet whoopie pies!

Let's just say that I do not have a ton of cooking and / or baking experience. Sure - I baked sugar cookies to give away at my wedding (with lots of help) and my brownies from a box are Ah-mazing - but I am not a from scratch kind of girl. So I am starting a new project that I am o-so-creatively calling Katie in the Kitchen. I will be choosing recipes for baking or cooking that I think Dave and I would enjoy and documenting all the fun.

...and of course - there will be pictures. I will include some During shots - probably with my trusty point and shoot camera and then some well-lit, pretty pictures that I will call Finished culinary works of art or something like that :-)

First project - in honor of Valentine's Day - Mini Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

These delicious little guys are part cake, part cookie and part sandwich. Also - they are adorable. Probably the cutest thing you will ever eat. I found the recipe at Better Homes and Gardens dot com. Here is the recipe if you would like to make them yourself.

Note: I highly recommend having a great friend to bake with. It is more fun than baking alone- plus she is the proud owner of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. This device is truly magic.

Here is the dry portion of the process.

Here is the super sticky wet portion. I used a small ice cream/cookie scoop. It worked so much better and was more fun than a boring old spoon. The batter is really sticky - which makes for great cookie/ cake/ sandwiches but also created really sticky fingers.
Note: I doubled the recipe and when you do this it requires two whole bottles of red food coloring. I recommend hiding your white dish cloths.

Here are the pretty results! ( otherwise known as Finished culinary works of art ) it's a working title :-)

special thanks to Christie for the mixer and for letting me hold your baby for hours at a time! 

February 7, 2011

Colorado Wedding Photography | Jen + Sean's wedding published - Again!!!

I am so thrilled to have Jen + Sean's wedding featured today on Couture Colorado - Colorado's premiere wedding blog. This is such great exposure - not only for me - but also for the other vendors who made this wedding so fantastic! Submitting weddings and engagements for publication is an extremely important piece of marketing and I plan on doing it as often as I can. I am so happy that two online publications wanted to use this wedding.  It is amazing to be featured on one blog - but two? Thanks again to my fantastic bride and groom and everyone who made the day so amazing! Click on the image below to see the feature! Also - if you would like - please leave comments on either their post or mine - it is always nice to hear you opinions!

February 4, 2011

Denver Wedding Photography | Jen + Sean's wedding published on Wedding Wire!

I am so excited to have a wedding of mine published on a national website! WeddingWire.com is the largest site for a bride and groom to review all of the vendors they hired for their big day. They also have a wedding blog where they post real weddings, tips and advice for brides.  Here is the link to the entire post on Wedding Wire and here is my original post. Thanks to Jen + Sean for being such fantastic clients and to all the other vendors who made this wedding so fantastic.