Fine Art Friday | Landscape from One Spot

Ahhh- Landscapes. I have a love/hate relationship with you... There are so many people out there who are fantastic at photographing the natural world. They spend days stalking the perfect location, hours waiting for amazing light and then, they may be rewarded with that one magical shot.

I do not have the patience for all that.

I love people. Even when I was given a landscape project in school - I always found a way to get a human being in the shot. People are always changing and moving  - that is why I usually find portraits much more rewarding.

So with that being said - I decided this Fine Art Friday- I would dedicate to the fine tradition of Landscape photography. Of course - I did not stalk this location for days- just pulled off the highway yesterday after a portrait shoot to find a great view of the mountains and fantastic clouds. I did have to take a little hike and deal with some squeaky prairie dogs - but this area had the best view. I wanted to see the sky and the ground- in all their glory - without moving from where I was standing. I also wanted to show that beauty can be found just about anywhere in this amazing state!

Let me know what you think?

(these are also available as a desktop wallpaper- the black and white ones look great on a wide screen :-)

Different vantage points from the same spot