March 18, 2011

Fine Art Friday | My Old Camera Collection

This Fine Art Friday - I thought I would do something that I have wanted to do for a while - take a few pictures of my growing camera collection! At some point - I want to enlarge these to hang in my office. For now- it was just fun pulling them all off a shelf and getting getting them into some great light where they belong.

I am hoping to keep adding to this collection. None of them are really worth anything - but I keep them because they all mean something to me or have a place in the history of photography.

I have included a bit of techy info along with my personal connection to each camera. Going through this reminds me of how far we have come in this amazing thing called Photography.

This beast is one beautiful piece of machinery! It was once the standard in press photography. Yep - this giant was used to cover fast paced events and breaking news. It creates 4x5" negatives - very large but could be used very quickly with practice. I used it for one project in art school. Now it looks cool on a shelf. (this model was manufactured sometime between 1928 and 1939)                                                                                        

The front of the camera with it's beautiful lens

The shutter speed dial

 The f-stop dial - controls the aperture - I love that you can see the blades in the lens

Here are my Kodak brownies - still arguably the most popular camera of all time due to low cost and ease of use. This camera introduced millions to the magic of photography
(thanks mom for getting me this one :-)
I love the design on the front. They came in a huge variety of styles over the years.

I will always have a soft spot for Kodak

My first "real" manual camera. Made probably in the late 80's - my brother brought it back from Germany and I made it mine shortly thereafter. It was a great camera that taught me the fundamentals of photography. I carried it around in high school, spent a summer in France with it and learned to love all things film. It stopped working in 2005 - but I will always keep it.

This cutie is affectionately known as "the brick"  for it's rectangular, non-ergonomic design. This was the best-selling 35mm camera for about 3 decades - wow. We found this particular gem after my grandma passed - with film left in it.

What a colorful little dial

This is the crown jewel in my collection - my Mamiya RB67. I love this camera - I only stopped using it because processing it's 2x3" film is ridiculously expensive and I have no darkroom to enlarge in. This is the camera that I used for the images in this post and for my thesis project that I will post on here sometime soon. I also hiked the Great Wall of China carrying this 7 pounder...

This last shot is of my old light meter - love all the numbers - but really glad to have my digital SLR.

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