Fine Art Friday | Scary Smoke and Mountains

So I am calling this Fine Art Friday - because it's Friday and these are landscape photos - but there is nothing fine about this situation. If you live in Colorado you are probably familiar with the fire situation we have in our foothills this week- the earliest start to our fire season in many years. These particular pictures were from this Tuesday and the Indian Gulch fire.

High winds and a dry winter make for some really dangerous conditions around here, making for a scary summer ahead. As horrible as this fire danger is for the homeowners nearby - it made for some truly remarkable mountain views for those of us in suburbia. I drove all over Highlands Ranch trying to find the best vantage point of these billowing smoke clouds and ended up with these images.

These fires can be truly devastating for those who have land, homes and businesses in the area. At this point - this fire is 77% contained and we are all thankful for that.

I drove to a different spot to catch the sunset - it took a ton of playing around with my settings - but I finally got a star shape out of the sun. Hopefully - these fires are put out soon and people who have had to evacuate can return home.