Katie in the Kitchen | My First Homemade Pizza Crust*

Pizza - a passion to some, a favorite for many and a delicious vice to a lot of us.  Who doesn't love pizza?  My first job ever was at a small pizza joint. Our crusts and sauce were made by our managers so I only worked the register and sometimes handled the oven. (scary) It was not the best experience so I have pretty much stayed away from ever making my own. So - most of my experience with pizza has been eating it.

Perfect idea for my latest kitchen project.

Here is the link to the recipe I followed from Anna Maria Volpi. She included some great tips for working with the dough - something I am not very good at. I used whole wheat flower instead of regular - my attempt at a healthy pizza. For toppings I decided to go basic pepperoni (I knew that my husband would eat it :-)  I used an Italian blend of cheeses (shredded by the good folks at Kroger) as well as Parmesan to top it off.

*For sauce - I chickened out and used a jar sauce (I only wanted to tackle the dough - next time I will make a sauce.)

I ended up with enough dough for two pizzas - the dough was challenging to get into any type of shape but I managed to get one squarish and one roundish. I used the pizza stones that my mom left in my care when they moved. The stones have been previously only used for baking frozen stuff. No more! The crust came out perfect - not too thick. I don't think this particular dough would be good for a thick crust- it is pretty doughy - if that's a word. On to the pictures. (turns out that pizza is pretty tough to photograph - but I made an attempt)

Here are the During shots
Here is the finished product - it was really tasty. Dave agreed.

Just finished - still in the oven


Unknown said…
Katie, I love your blog. Your work excites me as a viewer and as another photographer. Props to you and your creativity!