Denver Baby Photography | Benjamin at 10 months!

I have been photographing Benjamin every 3 months and these are some of my faves from the latest installment in our Year series. This little guy has such a personality and a smile that is so adorable - he is climbing stairs and is always on the move! This session was on Father's day so it was extra special to see Benjamin with his dad...

He really loved this hat - for about two seconds! 

Bubble Time!

Hanging with Dad and the big boy truck

Playing with a more "Benjamin size" truck

This kid loooooves my camera

The view from the outside

 His nickname is Baby G - this is on the door to his room


gale Cogan said…
The cutest little guy ever---great photo job!!!!!
The Impartial Gram
Heather Smoke said…
So cute! I really like the black and white photos.
readymscs said…
You always seem to capture the essence of the baby's personality in your portraits! Great pictures!!
readymscs said…
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