November 13, 2011

Fall Family Photography | The Addis Family!

With this baby of mine fast approaching - this was my last official Fall session - and we were really lucky to have beautiful weather and really fun fallen leaves. This adorable family was a great way to wrap up the season - what with all the fall leaf throwing, cute wagon ride and lots of laughs. Oh and don't forget the upside down swinging and baby tossing - everything I like in a session!

Here are some of my faves...




November 10, 2011

Denver Maternity Photography | Megan + Mike with a Baby girl on the way!

I was really looking forward to Megan and Mike's session since we are both due with our first babies in December. I was excited to photograph someone going through a similar experience. I think until you have been on the other side of what you are shooting - it is hard to understand how your subjects feel. The same thing happened after I was married - it gave me a whole new perspective as a bride and as a photographer.

Well - let me say I have a new appreciation for my maternity sessions after shooting one at almost 9 months pregnant. Some of the first professional pictures I ever took were of a pregnant woman and I have loved doing it since. But now that I know what it feels like on the other side - I will enjoy these type of sessions that much more and really understand the experience and the joy.

Megan and Mike were great - so warm and fun with each other. Their little girl Reese is really lucky to be coming into this family. Here are a few faves from the session... can't wait to meet the new arrival!