November 6, 2011

Denver Pet Photography | Suzie, TJ & Bella!

I really like dogs. That being said - I am one of the 5 people in Colorado who doesn't own one. Of course I am exaggerating but they really are everywhere here. My husband is allergic and I prefer cats - but there is something about that loyal, undeniable look of love in a dogs' eyes - even for a person he just met. Not something you get with a cat :-)

Here are Suzie, TJ and their little sweetie - Bella. We took Bella for a walk around Wash Park on a beautiful fall morning. She loves squirrels and leaves and disliked being on a leash but we ended up with some really cute shots. We also were able to get a few good ones of the cooperative humans - but really - it's all about Bella!

I really enjoy when a client wants pictures of/with/about their dogs. They are not always easy subjects but they sure are cute and this session reminded me of what I love about dogs. Here is my list...

 1. They know how to enjoy life
2. They generally put up with our human desire to dress them up (adorable)

 3. They make family photos even cuter
4. They can't hide their emotions (Squirrel????)
  5. They hold still for about 1/2 a second if you are lucky (good training for kids)
 6. They are easily framed out of a head shot
 7. Leashes (can't do that as well with a cat)
 8. Cute tongues
 9. Small ones are easy to hide
 10. They like public displays of affection
 11. They pop up right when you want them to

 12. Did I mention cute tongues?

 13. Dogs like walking - great exercise!
14. They are so photogenic

 15. They don't mind if you ignore them for a while... as long as you come back with a treat :-)
 16. They get tired and will eventually just lay there so you can get more cute pictures
 17. But pretty soon they are back to their cute, playful selves
 18. You get to come home to this
19. They have little best friends who come over for play dates (Bella is on the left)
20. Who doesn't love this face??? (unconditional love is the best)


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Heather Smoke said...

Aw, those are just adorable! (Almost) makes me want a dog.