February 29, 2012

Colorado Engagement Photography | Monique + Jake!

I met up with Monique and Jake for a windy, chilly engagement session this past weekend. They were great sports as they trugged around in the snow with me - hugging and smiling the whole time. Jake gets these really amazing laughs from Monique - and she sure knows how to get a smile out of him!

One of the unique things I learned about them is that Jake proposed while stationed in Iraq with the Army. He sent Monique a box with the ring in it and with the help of Skype, he proposed as she opened the box - thousands of miles away. Distance can not keep these two love birds apart!

Here are some of my favorites from our session - I can't wait for their wedding at the Brown Palace Hotel this August!

February 8, 2012

Denver Newborn Photography | Our Macy Rose!

Wow - I can't believe how lucky I am. I have an amazing husband and supportive family. I have a job that is also a passion. I have clients who are also friends. Now I get to be a mother to this beautiful baby girl. Macy Rose came into our lives three weeks early due to some complications but was born perfectly healthy on November 27, 2011.

Posting these first images has taken me a bit longer than I had planned. Photographing a new baby is something I have done many times - but photographing my own little one has been a different challenge. Sometimes I just stare - wondering how this little miracle made her way to me - then I take a picture. I am sure I will take thousands of photos of her throughout her life - but I am trying to remember to occasionally put the camera down and just sit and stare.

These are from when she was two weeks old and less than five pounds...
Love those eyes
    This is one of my favorites from our maternity session with Brooke Trexler Photography
Before and After: The image on the left from Brooke Trexler - the one on the right was created with some assistance from my father-in-law Max :-)

A baby in Daddy's hands - just perfect

She was so tiny...

One of her first smiles
Everyone says she has my hands - otherwise she is all Dave
I just adore how small her little hands look on his finger
I love tiny baby parts...
A sleepy smile

She looks like she is playing the flute in this one

Love a sleeping baby - especially my own

These are just a few more of our new little family