Denver Family Photography | Melissa and her family!

This is Melissa's family. She was coming to town to visit and wanted to do something special. The whole family was gathering and decided to take advantage of their time together by having pictures taken. I love being able to show both the individual family personalities and the large, lively group! They were so fun and playful - I am really glad I was able to capture this family time together. Here are some of my faves...

Each of the "kids" and their families
There is a new baby on the way!

Love this
and this!
awww - sweet nothings..
Melissa, Heath and Baby Mila
The grand kiddos
All the ladies
Mom and the kids



Deb Crow said…
Thank you, Katy, for doing such a fantastic job! Love the pictures!

Anonymous said…

As always We love your day a family session for us!!!

Joyce and Max