September 11, 2012

Denver Baby Photography | Macy Lately

It's been a busy summer around here but I don't want to wait any longer for an update of our sweet Macy! These shots are all of her from 6 to 8 months - during her first magical summer.

The summer is coming to an end and I wonder - did I spend enough time staring at leaves with her, did we take enough walks, did I show her how much fun a lazy summer afternoon can be? I know there are a lifetime of summers to come and we have so many of these moments to look forward to. This must be a normal part of being a momma - always wondering if you are giving them enough.
So I will just keep taking her outside to stare at leaves. Fall is coming - I hear it's a great time for leaf staring...

 These chalkboard pictures were a part of her father's day gift for her daddy and her grandpas

 She loves spinning around on her mat

 More of our monthly pictures

 The top was the picture from her baby announcement and the same shot at 6 months - I obviously have a thing for re-creating pictures over time...

 loving those little baby feet

The many faces of Macy


Heather Smoke said...

I love them ALL! So beautiful as always! :)

Anonymous said...

She is SO the second cutest baby girl in the whole wide world!!!!! Molly is always #1, but man you give her some stiff competition!! I love her, what an angel. I love you too. You are so very blessed and deserve every second you get to stare at leaves.